The Secret to My Wealth, Health, and Love

March 8, 2018


   I was “poor” for much of my life, 


until I discovered how to harness


a great power.


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Now, my life has exploded into an

upward trajectory of constant

improvement and happy surprises. 


       Everyone I know has told me to

write about how I did it, and so,

here is my book,


The Secret to My Wealth, Health,

and Love: How I am Getting There.

Happy Happy!


By Marcielle Brandler


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“When I was nineteen, our family moved to  Richfield, Utah.  My mother drove me four

hours north and left me in a boarding house in Salt Lake City. I did not know anyone

there and had absolutely NO MONEY-NOT EVEN A PENNY.

Bruce and Marcie 1968

“Marcie” and Bruce (Brandler) when we were eighteen and in love, 1968.


My sweetheart, Bruce was still in California, but he hitchhiked to Utah to be with me.
Being from California, I had no warm clothes  for snowy weather. I walked the streets

looking for a job. For a short time, I was a motel maid. I cleaned rooms faster than all the

other maids, and finished by noon, instead of the usual three pm. Then, I went home,

changed clothes, and found a job at an optical shop.


I did not understand that money was important. It was not until I was in my forties

and read Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, that I decided to “get some money.”



Mar works at computer BEST taken by Margaret Chen Feb 2018

Marcielle works at classroom computer at Mount San Antonio College in California.

Photo taken by her student, Margaret Chen, Feb 2018.


This is a break-through book. Professor Marcielle Brandler shares her personal experiences of how she attracted everything wonderful in her life. Marcielle uses her life as a way to help the rest of us find greater success in our own lives.

She keeps it direct and simple, so that anyone can understand how she created health, expanding wealth, and joy. She says, “Even though it really happened over and over, I still sometimes cannot believe it myself!”

The book has photographs of the people and situations she has learned to attract.

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When Marcielle was a young person, she lived in poverty.  When she learned of the Law of Attraction, she began using it and has continued to use it for bigger and better achievements.

Marcielle’s goal is to help you advance your life to higher and happier levels.

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success stories

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September 16, 2015

This page has been especially created

to thank those

who donated to our


documentary film,


 We want to give our heart-felt thanks to
Margaret Ann Zimmerman of Arkansas who
gave a very generous donation to this project. 

Margaret Ann and Richard small
Richard and Margaret Ann, 2017


We would like to thank author,  Kitty Kroger for her generous

Kitty at Norton Simon Museum with Marcielle
June 2017

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Thanks to Freddie Harris Marcielle’s Los Angeles City College
colleague for his generous donation.

Freddie Harris at Marcielle's Memorial Day  party 2014

Freddie Harris at Marcielle’s Memorial Day party 2014


Thanks to John O. Adams for his generosity.

John O. Adams

John O. Adams on his 77th birthday telling a story
at Church of Truth, Pasadena, CA. 2014


November 22, 2012
Marcielle teaching a student at Pierce Collelge 2009

Marcielle teaching a student at Pierce Collelge 2009











Welcome to my educational site. I am Professor Marcielle Brandler.

You are going to get alot of value from this site.

I have already given you many free links and grammar/writing instruction, and will give you more, so keep checking this site, as we add more free gifts for you.

I do private coaching in everything to do with English.

I also edit and ghostwrite books, articles, essays, and screenplays.

We can do this in person, by phone, skype, or email.

I give you the first 15 minutes for free, so you can see how we can work

together, then my fee is $60 per 40 minutes cash in person, paid the

same day, or we  can make arrangements. We always have a written

agreement, to protect both of us.

The reason so many of my students stay with me so long is that

I give them a great deal of personal attention.

I’ll find out what you need, then create lessons, with handouts

and practice sheets geared toward you personally.

I often do my own research on what  you might need,

all on my own time.

To let me know if you are interested, you can email or call.

828 388-3409


I tailor the Agreement to each client, according to his needs.

Sample Agreement:

Dear ____ (Client):

Please let me know if you agree with these guidelines.

Feel free to add anything you wish to as well.

During our first meeting, I will tutor ___ and ____

for 15 minutes as a complimentary introduction to my teaching (in trusting the writing process), then, if you wish to continue, we will do a 40-minute session. All session fees are for $60 per session, in cash, paid the same day.

I give my students a great deal of personal attention. I will find out

what they need, then create lessons, with handouts and practice sheets geared toward ___ and ___ personally.

I often do my own research on what students might need on my own time. All of this is for no extra cost. I do not charge for phone calls or emails. My goal is to see you/your children progress and do better than they ever thought they could.

I taught as a regular professor at PCC for about eight years. Now, I teach my own special classes there. My book, Fun with Grammar, is used in my classes. You may wish to purchase it, as it has all the grammar lessons and exercises they need, and it takes students from basics all the way through the writing process, critical thinking, resumes, research, and business writing.

Please CALL within 12 hours if you must cancel or be late for, our appointment, and I shall do the same. Time is of the essence. Sessions which are not cancelled by phone, at the below numbers, within the twelve-hour period will be charged for a full session, or if Marcielle makes a change and does not call, you get a full complimentary session.

I look forward to helping ___ and ___ raise their grades and learn the writing process.

Marcielle Brandler

Phone number

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January 11, 2012

Marcielle appeared on Mowtown Maurice’s fabulous radion show. To listen,

Welcome to Marcielle Presents!

March 5, 2009

Front, Matt Agajanian. Back, Marcielle Brandler (host), Jerry Torribio, Penelope Torribio, Art Blair.

Welcome to our very active and friendly community of friends, artists, scientists, philosophers, producers, writers, and other valuable members of our global community. This is an interactive website with tips for performers, entrepreneurs, businesseople, and artists. You will find grammar and writing tips, success tips, and even short exercises you can do. So have fun jumping from page to page, and let us know what you think.

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The photos you see on this page are from our Valentine’s Day Peace Project Open Mic and Networking Event.  Here we are at the fabulous Cafe after so many poets and musicians performed their work. Boy did we have a great time. I am still receiving emails from friends saying how much they enjoyed the event and how many new friends they made. The feeling among all of us was of such good cheer and support.

Friends came from Oxnard, Brea, Rancho Cucumonga, and Glendora, CA.

Rick Mizuno reads poetry from his new book, From the Heart of a Man

Rick Mizuno reads poetry from his new book, From the Heart of a Man


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Your host & organizer, Marcielle Brandler

Your host & organizer, Marcielle Brandler

More friends

Penelope Torribio sings her charming songs

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Claire Koehller reads poetry with depth and feeling

Raffi & Sona are such lovely people. They own and run Cafe Culture.
Raffi & Sona are such lovely people. They own and run Cafe Culture.

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To hear Marcielle’s interview on the fabulous Mowtown Maurices’ radio