September 16, 2015

This page has been especially created

to thank those

who donated to our


documentary film,


 We want to give our heart-felt thanks to
Margaret Ann Zimmerman of Arkansas who
gave a very generous donation to this project. 

Margaret Ann and Richard small
Richard and Margaret Ann, 2017


We would like to thank author,  Kitty Kroger for her generous

Kitty at Norton Simon Museum with Marcielle
June 2017

To access Kitty’s website, click here.


Thanks to Freddie Harris Marcielle’s Los Angeles City College
colleague for his generous donation.

Freddie Harris at Marcielle's Memorial Day  party 2014

Freddie Harris at Marcielle’s Memorial Day party 2014


Thanks to John O. Adams for his generosity.

John O. Adams

John O. Adams on his 77th birthday telling a story
at Church of Truth, Pasadena, CA. 2014