Answers: What We Wish We Had Known

When We Were Younger


The person being interviewed will answer in a face-to-face interview this question:

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you were younger?

The interviewee tells his or her story, then we have actors reenact parts of the story and we roll in photos and film footage. This is a micro-budget film, and I know you will be glad you were a part of it.

I have interviewed several well-known guests on my tv show, such as Lisa Garr of The Aware Show on KPFK radio; a rocket scientist, Joan Horvath; Ed Regine, comedian who has appeared on The Tonight Show many times, Ehrich van Lowe, former writer and Co-Producer on NBC’s Emmy Award winning Cosby Show; Bill Bogaard, former long-time Mayor of Pasadena; Rich Caparella, host on KUSC Radio, and many more.


The goal of this film is to educate the public on the lessons people have learned in their lives. The can lead to positive change in our community and to great happiness and success for individuals.

What we do with your donation

Your greatly-appreciated donation goes directly to the production of the film. It pays for editing and other production costs.

Are you interested in acting,  or working as crew, on this new film? 


If you would like to donate and receive a credit in this film, visit the “Get a Credit” page on this site.

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Bruce Thompson, author of The Handbook of Love

Bruce Thompson, author of The Handbook of Love, was featured at the very popular and strategic Indie Lounge with Daniel Thompson, at the Sundance Film Festival!

To visit Bruce’s web page, click here.

Doña Oxford, Queen of Boogie Woogie!

Mar and Dona

Marcielle with Doña as her guest on her tv show, Marcielle Presents!


To visit Doña’s site, click here.










Heather Morrow, pottery designer extraordinaire. 

Heather working in her studio

Heather working in her studio









To visit Heather’s site and see her work, click here.


Lou Sergio has worked in school administration, currently teaches
English at Mount San Antonio College. Happily married for sixty
(yes, 60) years.

Lou and Lillian Sergio


Bernadette Tchen, English Department Chair at
Los Angeles City College. Originally from Laos and Vietnam. bernadette-lacc-office-oct-11-2016-close
Bernadette in her office at LA City College, Oct 11, 2016.
For LACC, Click here.


Moe, owner of Moe’s Auto in Sierra Madre, CA.
Honest car repair shop! Taken October 2016.

No website.



 Michelle White, Executive Director of
Affordable Housing in Pasadena, CA.


To learn more about Michelle, click here.

To visit our special Answers website, click here.  Our office: 626 355-0745

Marcielle Presents!
Marcielle Brandler, Director 


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