by Louis Tanguay

Marcielle and Louis in studio on Marcielle Presents! in 2011.

Marcielle and Louis in
studio on Marcielle Presents! in 2011.

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization are the newest buzz words every small business owner perks up when they hear. The idea that 1 billion profiles are on Facebook, and ranking #1 on Google are peaking the interest of every small business owner. I’m going to give you a mile-high view of Facebook Marketing in this article.

Each social network is unique and different from the others. Even there there may be some overlap, each has their own way of communicating, audience, and type of content you can post. When a person logs in to Facebook and browses Facebook not as a marketer, but as a user, they don’t have the same mindset as they do when they log in to LinkedIn and use LinkedIn as a normal every day user. The same is true about the other major social networks. Let’s break down the basic overall philosophy of marketing on Facebook.

More small business owners are interested in Facebook than any other social network, but yet most still aren’t using it correctly. Facebook has set up a great number of rules which both force you to be a better marketer, and also force you to “cheat,” and do things which aren’t exactly great marketing strategies.

When people sign on to Facebook, they’re looking to connect with their friends and families, mostly. Sure, there are marketers and business owners, but the main focal point of Facebook in human-to-human connection. Facebook users complain often about advertisement and not seeing everything. Therefore, they don’t want to see our sponsored stories or ads. They want to see dog pictures, baby pictures, and find out what’s going on out there in their personal networks. Social Media is also more of a Publicity, PR, Attention-Marketing tool than it is a direct sales tool. Know this important distinction so you’re not wasting your time posting sales special after sales special, without building a true connection, and wondering why you aren’t making money from your Facebook efforts.

This is where content comes in. You absolutely have to publish great, useful, and/or interesting content on Facebook. Facebook rewards you for posting content which gets a great deal of positive reactions (i.e. likes, comments, shares), and a small amount of negative reactions (i.e. blocks, unlikes, ignores etc). Simply put, the more people interact positively with your Facebook content, the more you will be shown to those who “Like” your page.

Great content is how you will get seen more. However, some people have figured out a “cheat” for this. They post pictures which are irrelevant to their businesses, just to get the Likes and Comments, so their posts are seen more. They post pictures and request Likes and ask their Likers to Comment. This is a great technique, but doing so on a picture of a cat, or demanding that people “Like” a picture of our military’s great and amazing soldiers just to get interactions doesn’t accomplish the overall goal, which is building a strong connection between your company and your customers.

Sure, you definitely can’t be “all business” on Facebook, or you’ll be “all boring.” It’s not LinkedIn, and no one is ever truly “all business.” Well, no one interesting, anyway. Relying only on these “engagement boosting” but irrelevant content strategies will not help you in your overall mission. Instead, strive to have every single piece of content you publish be extremely useful and interesting to your target market; whether it is a great tip or trick, piece of quality insider advice, latest industry news, you most successful case studies, or yes…even the occasional funny picture. Having an “all quality, all the time” approach will give your marketing the perfect well roundedness it requires to be successful on Facebook.

Bonus Tip: Use targeted Facebook ads to increase your Likes from those who are most likely to be your customers. Example: if you have a website all about volleyball, then target ads to only those people who have listed “volleyball” as one of their interests. While you’ll be reaching less people, the Likes you will get are definitely in the target market for your business, and you’ll have much better interaction rates when you get more specific and acquire the right kind of fans.

If you like this article and want to learn more about how to market for your small business through either marketing consultation, a new website, SEO, or social media…contact Circle Marketing (, and say Marcielle Presents! sent you for our special pre-negotiated discounts!

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