Abe’s Question

Learning to film with a green screen presents numerous
challenges, but the rewards are worth it.

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The benefits are that you will be hooked up with actors, crew, and others who can support you.

Here we are with Pasadena Film Works filming our first piece.
For a short trailer to Abe’s Question, click here.

For a longer trailer to Abe’s Question, click here.

Marcielle in foreground. Deborah and  LV at computer

We used the Pasadena Community Media green screen.

Abe’s Question, a science fiction short

Now, 2013-2014, Terrence Butcher finished directing Marcielle’s script Abe’s Question.  The rough cut was edited by Gary Friedman and the sound effects and music were created by Jerry Danielsen.
Marcielle composed the theme song, “Riding the Wind.”

See pics below.

Dave, Rick, Penny, Macielle, Kiana

David Stevens plays Carl, Rick Mizuno plays Dad, Penny Herman plays Mom,
Marcielle Brandler, Kiana Wells plays 5.

Dan Healy our camera man

Dan Healy our camera man

Robert others

Robert Adan plays Ben

Kiana as 5 and Tucker as Abe with book

Kiana as 5 and Tucker as Abe with book

Kiana and Tucker in rehearsal.

Terrence looks at the script for the Beach Shoot

Terrence, our director, looks at the script for the Beach Shoot

Tucker Rhodes

Tucker Rhodes

And here is our Abe, Tucker Rhodes.

Dear Friends.

We have already raised money for our science fiction film, Abe’s Question,  and have done several great shoots, which we plan to take to the FX Channel, Sy Fy and others and possibly to enter into contests, maybe even Sundance, Moondance, and others. It will also be listed on the IMDb site and on Marcielle Presents! website and in the online magazine.

The beach shoot really added great atmosphere and reality to our story.  So many wonderful people have come forward to volunteer and to donate cash to this project. If you are interested in donating, we will list your name in the credits.

Donors who give $1,000.00 and above will be Associate Producers. Any other donation will be listed in the “Thanks to” section of the credits.

This will pay for food for the crew, gas (especially for the beach shoot), printing scripts and notes, cameras, editing, and other expenses we are already incurring.

We are not going to Kickstarter, because we would have to create an entire presentation for that, which would take many hours and more money to create. Since we are already filming, we need to make time for that. So I am just asking you for your donation. See more info below.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and Happy Holidays to you!



Marcielle Brandler

PO Box 1201

Sierra Madre, Ca 91024

Abe’ Question 

A Science Fiction film

Screenplay and short written and produced by Marcielle Brandler copyright

Directed by Terrence Butcher



Abe is living in a spaceship deep under the waters of Venice Beach in a place similar to the Bermuda Triangle. His parents think they have found a way out, and Abe wants to discover what they know.

The Gorak have been keeping Mom, Dad, and Abe prisoners, and Abe has never seen land. His parents had been captured by the Gorak when Abe was a baby.

Abe’s parents are called to the “Captain’s” office and Abe is interrogated. Then, Abe meets 5, who was born in captivity, and taken away from her parents. She is not sure who she is.

Abe and 5 escape to land, only to be separated.

While Abe calls out for 5, two private USO (Unidentified Submergable Objects) agents, who have been surveilling the beach, lure Abe to their home office and interrogate him.

As 5 wanders the beach, she approaches various people until she begins to twitch like an android and blacks out.


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7 Responses to Abe’s Question

  1. Susan Dobay says:

    I wish you continued energy , spirit , inspiration.

  2. Phoebe Conn says:

    Congratulations on your film! What happens to Abe and 5? Is there a second part, or is this the first film in a series.

  3. JB Shandrew says:

    Marcielle when will this film be released, and where can it be seen?

  4. marciellepresents09 says:

    Hi, Phoebe.
    I am writing the full-length script and taking it to my screenwriting group for improvements. It ends happily.

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