Laffs & Rants TV

Marcielle and Grace in studio after a shoot, in Eagle Rock.











Laffs and Rants is hosted and produced by partners, award-winning poet, Marcielle Brandler and wildly popular comedian, Grace Fraga.

No subject is off limits. We discuss sex, politics, relationships, cross dressing, and more with serious guests such as psychologists, a sexologist, etc. and regular people along with comedians who lighten things up. It’s serious stuff, all in good fun!

Come and join us. We are open to your topic suggestions.

To visit our Facebook, click the link below:

We are looking to produce the show at a professional tv station.
If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about
the show, Grace and Marcielle would love to meet with you.

To be  a sponsor, or to make suggestions, contact Marcielle at or 818 388-3409.


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  1. Kendrick Honegger says:

    I always love watching tv shows that are funny and tv shows that are full of action. ..'”;

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