Marcielle as Speaker

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Marcielle Presents!


Prof. Marcielle Brandler, president
Published Author
Keynote Speaker
Seminar Director
Film & TV Producer
Private Coach/ Minister

Marcielle hosting her radio show 2013.

Marcielle hosting her radio show 2013.

Marcielle’s most recent events are:

Saturday April 14, 2018, Panel of authors at Sierra Madre Library
Click here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018,  Pasadena Business Networking Association at Dupar’s
Restaurant, Pasadena, CA 8:30 am. Click here.


 Marcielle hosted a radio show called Marcielle Presents!
for Sierra Madre, CA Village Vine Radio. She was only
able to produce three shows, because her schedule was/is
simply too intense. She hopes to begin again.

Her shows featured:

Tymon Shipp, clean corporate comedian
Kitty, Kroger, author
Songs for Meditation

The station has disbanded, but copies of the shows will soon be posted here. 

To contact Prof. Brandler, email or call

818 388-3409.


Marcielle as Speaker

Marcielle presents several topics on which she has many years of experience.

She has been publishing her essays and poems in journals since 1976
and has been teaching English and poetry workshops since 1988.
She earned her MA in Professional Writing from USC and her BA in English from University of Utah.  She is a Universal Life Church minister.

“My mission is to educate people in those topics that
will further their businesses and personal success-
that will make them more valuable to their companies,
universities, and to society at large.”


Poetry Reading/Book Signing
Marcielle reads and signs her book
of poems, The Breathing House
available at

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our search for happiness, success, love, and gracious

Power vs. Doubt
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Do you want to make student and business life easier?
We teach you shortcuts and time-savers. for
college and high school students, working people,
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Tips for Tutors
Working one-on-one with students can be very draining
and demanding. We teach you how to assess and fulfill
clients’ needs. Also for ESL.

So you want to get published.
We discuss which publishers are best, how to get your writing into the hands of editors, and how to publish in journals and a book. A list of publishers provided.

Poetry Workshop
We share strategies and information that get you writing, performing, and publishing.

Fun with Grammar
Marcielle makes those difficult grammar issues easy to understand.
Phrases, gerunds, parallel structure, and much more. Also for ESL.


What people are saying

“The best pieces are those that make their revelations vivid rather than weigh them down with portent. Marcielle Brandler’s ‘The Civilian the Siege’ works a war metaphor into a passionate portrayal of lovemaking.”
– Evelyn McDonnell, LA Weekly, “Music Reviews” Section: Nov. 20, 1992,
about the CD Disclosure: Voices of Women in which Marcielle‘s poem appears

“Your contribution in my eyes is Flawless and Major!! Your poem about your mom still wreaks havoc on me and bring tears to the eyes of other Professional Production Reps who have witnessed the power of your presentation.”
– Bob Bryan, filmmaker, referring to Marcielle’s poetry and comments in his film,GV6: The Odyssey, a documentary film on California poets.

“As you can probably tell, I’m excited to be in your class this
semester. You’ve inspired me with your selection of writings to read,
as well as your validation towards
thinking critically and speaking my
-Hilda, law student

“Marcielle. Thank you so much for the funny way you helped me
understand my language problems.
You are the best teacher I ever had.”
-Carlos, contractor


For more comments on Marcielle, see EnglishwithMarcielle

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