Our Mission

Marcielle Presents! began as a

public access television show,

then a radio show, and now

we are creating films.


As you can see by our multiple pages

on the site, we support our many friends.

Our mission is to continue to support you while

also making films, writing articles, songs, 

screenplays, and books which enlighten and

delight. We want to be a beacon in your universe!

Some of our friends have written articles for

this site, our Fun with Grammar site, and for

our free online magazine, also called

Marcielle Presents!,

which you can access by clicking here.


We have featured friends and colleagues in films listed below:

Answers, a documentary film. Trailer on You Tube

         (A better version will replace the current one).

Abe’s Question, a sci-fi thriller. Trailer on You Tube. 

         (A better version will replace the current one).

Mount San Antonio College’s Annual Writers’ Festival on 

     You Tube

All of the above are listed with Marcielle Brandler

There are many more.

You can reach Professor Brandler at marcielleb@hotmail.com

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