Tribute to Donnie


Donnie Dale

 From: JN Rollins [Jane Neff Rollins, MSPH]

Date: Nov 16, 2012 4:11:28 PM
Subject: Honoring Donnie Dale

If you are not on Facebook, you   may not have heard that our long-time moderator, Donnie Dale, died on   Thursday morning. Paula Johnson has asked me to let you know about the   funeral. Details follow.Floyd D. “Donnie” Dale, Jr., age 66, of Pasadena, died November   15, 2012. A graveside service will be held on Wednesday, November 21, at 2   p.m., at Oakwood Memorial Park, at 22601 Lassen Street, Chatsworth 91311.Donnie was a novelist and a freelance writer who occasionally   also wrote for the entertainment industry. His first novel, A Hunter’s   Fire, was published in 1989. His next, Ice Pick, was recently   released. Under the by-line Don Dale, Donnie wrote hundreds of articles and   took photographs for such magazines as Growing and Turf. He   wrote many screenplays, with the sole production of a low-budget horror movie   entitled “Room 33,” co-written with Eddie Barbini. He worked in Phoenix for   the AZ Dept. of Game and Fish, and throughout Arizona as a writer for the Arizona   Republic and Arizona Daily Star.Donnie is survived by his three children: Angie (Darrell)   Crowther, of Henderson, NV; Amity (Ryan) Heyborne, of Boise, ID; and Donovan   (Tammy) Dale, of Sylmar, CA. He is also survived by his sisters, Pamela   (Bill) Wanser, of Phoenix, AZ; and Janey (Dennis) Harsch, of Arroyo Grande,   CA; and his four grandchildren: Amity, Seth, Sydney and Donovan. Donnie is   also survived by his devoted companion and lover, Joanne “Joey” Rowan, who   brought him love and the ultimate peace.Please join us to share stories, sadness, and (I hope)   laughter. I think he would have wanted that last item to be included…Jane

Marcielle and Donnie at Brandilyn's party 2009

Donnie in high school

Donnie in high school.

Donnie as a child

Donnie as a little child.

Speech at Donnie’s Funeral

My name is Marcielle Brandler

I am wearing a light color to honor the bright side of Donnie.

I met D at Alameda W G. We talked about writing and our lives and soon became romantic. We hiked a great deal and had a lot of fun. I met his family, who were all wonderful.

During our relationship, I read part of his novel. He had loaned me some short stories by Raymond Carver. I told him that he was a superior writer, because Carver just told his stories, but Donnie’s phrasing and original symbolism gave his work more depth and insight. Donnie’s screenplays are fun and creative. He made his living as a writer for farming magazines.

Donnie possessed a special brand of sensitivity and masculinity. When I was describing my childhood, there were tears in his eyes.  You know someone is a great person if his children still like him, and Donnie’s entire family, his son Donovan, and Donnie’s sister, Janie all adore him.

As we drove to Carlsbad to visit my Aunt Cecilia, I listened to Donnie and my good friend Art talk about the Viet Nam war. They realized that they had just missed one another at a certain very grizzly area.

At one point, Donnie and I decided that we would work better as friends, so I said, “Hey, why don’t you ask Joanne out?” The three of us had gone hiking and to the movies. I said, “Joanne, you should get together with Donnie.” And they did. Yes, it was awkward, but we got over it.

Joanne has been such an attentive sweetheart to Donnie. I went to see him at the Sepulveda Veterans’ Hospital, and there she was. She had slept on the couch in his room, which she has done right up to the end. They have taught me a lot about love relationships.

During Donnie’s illness, his family has gathered around him and friends visited him. Mike and Penny even showed up in costume to make Donnie laugh.

Last time I visited at Sepluveda VA, he said, “I’m not afraid to die,” then he cried, “just my family.” I feel blessed to have known him and to call many of you my friends because we had Donnie in common.

During this Thanksgiving season, I am thankful for Donnie and his amazing generosity. I hope I can do honor to his legacy. Here’s to you, Donnie Dale.

Marcielle Brandler

Donnie and Joanne 2011 at Marcielle's party.

Donnie and Joanne 2011 at Marcielle’s party. I had told Donnie and Joanne to get together after we broke up, and they fell deeply in love. Here they are as sweethearts!

Marcielle Tammy and Tammy's brother

Marcielle, Tammy, and Tammy’s brother

Tammy is Donnie’s lovely daughter-in-law. This is at a party they gave at their home in about 2009. We sang Karaokee and I sang “The House of the Rising Sun,” which is a harsh song, but Donnie wanted me to show off my voice by singing something pretty. Tammy’s voice was adorable. She is a real sweetie and a great hostess!

Donnie Donovan 2010

Donnie Donovan 2010. They were very close. All of Donnie’s family adored him and he was a wonderful man and a great writer!

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