Archives & Guest Bk

The below are guests from previous shows over the years. Please feel free to visit their websites.

Marcielle with her guest, comedian, Grace Fraga

Grace Fraga, Comedian/Actor/Producer. Visit her website at:

If you would like to receive our email announcements, click here.

Jo Anne Disney, Writer for San Gabriel Valley Weekly. Visit them at:

Joan Horvath, Rocket Scientist, really!

Rich Capparela, Radio Announcer for KMOZART Radio FM/ KUSC. Visit them:

Penelope Torribio, Puppeteer/Singer/Songwriter/Spiritual Intuitive

Chris Soth, Actor/Film Producer

Ken DeVault, was present at the first Rose Parade

Rosa Graham Artist & Creator/Producer of Find the Funny, a screenwriting comedy contest. Don’t Wait! At last – a contest that honors and promotes the genre that other contests may love to hate – but that movie audiences have always loved to love.Submit now!

Find the Funny is no long operating, but to visit the site, go to:

Bill Graham Graphics designer who was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Visual Effects

Harry Schwartzbart, Persident Emeritus & creator of the San Gabriel Valley Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church & State.

For home office in Washington, DC:

Don Savbage, stage actor.

Che Zuro, singer/songwriter:

Paul Braden, Stage actor/ Minister/Horseman

Michael Durand, TV Producer/Events Specialist-Organizer

Suzanne Reyto, Author

The Reverends Mary Beth & Michael Speer ministers at the Foothill Center of Religious Science in Sierra Madre, CA (near Pasadena)


Bart Edelman, Poet/Educator. Editor of Eclipse: A Literary Journal

at Glendale College, CA

Marcielle Brandler, Award-winning poet, “My Journey.”

Visit Marcielle’s educational website at:

Kris Okershauser, President of Pasadena & Foothills American Civil

Liberties Union (ACLU). Website at:

Rick Mizuno, author of 50/50 Split a romance novel which helps couples solve their marriage issues. Personal coach. Google Rick. His publisher is and

Patrick Harbula, author of Magic of the Soul and personal coach.

Christina Hamlett, Author

Reginah Perlmutter, Healer

Karen Davis who wrote a book on the Santa Anita Race Track

Art Blair, CPR Trainer

Guido Daniele Hand Paintings, in Milano, Italy

Geoff Woods Personal Coach and Wisdom Mentor

Cliff O’Connell, Author and Los Angeles City College Theatre Manager

Bozana Belokosa, PCAC TV Producer, Poet, and Events Organizer/Host

Visit their websites or Google them.

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