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The Arroyo Channel live stream

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818 388-3409


 Marcielle Presents!
with host, Marcielle Brandler interviewing guest comedian, Grace Fraga
See Marcielle and Grace here.   You can contact Marcielle for air dates at marcielle@verizon.net

or 818 388-3409

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We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support:

Scenic Drive Gallery in Monrovia, CA. scenicdrivegallery.com.
Artists Susan and Endre Dobay have an eclectic show there.

Family Affair Music in Monrovia, CA. Call at 626 358-2280.
They sell records, CD’s, musical instruments, sheet music, and much more.

Frey Wines fabulous, organic wines. http://www.freywine.com/

Laemmle Theatres. Theatres we all love. http://www.laemmle.com/

Don Collins in his store, Family Affair Music in Monrovia, CA

Don Collins in his store, Family Affair Music in Monrovia, CA

To see the show’s Opening Credits, click on this YouTube Link.

Don Collins praises Marcielle Presents! Click “Don Collins”
link to the right of this section under BLOGROLL.

Mayor Bill Bogaard, Marcielle Brandler, Sona

Mayor Bill Bogaard, Marcielle, Sona (owner of Cafe Culture)


Mayor Bill Bogaard of Pasadena, CA was on the show
Dec 10, 2009. We are with Sona, owner of Cafe Culture
in Pasadena, CA

This is a monthly interview show. Marcielle Brandler
interviews people from the international community
who have worked for the greater good of mankind.
These are artists, scientists, architects, politicians,
and others.

Marcielle’s most recent guests, have been:

Rick Mizuno, Radio Host on Indies in Motion

Mr. B. , Music Producer

Glenn Towery, Filmmaker

Louis Tanguay, Circle Marketing

Journey House with Tim Mayworm,
Help for young people who have aged
out of the foster care system

Jessie Castillo, Artist

Visit their websites or Google them.


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