Vladimir Ussachevsky was one of my closest and greatest mentors.
We became very close, and we loved one another dearly.

Despite the age difference (He was 75 and I was 28), a friendship
developed between mentor and student.
He was a great man- a pioneer in Electronic Music.

Vladimir Ussachevsky, pioneer in Electronic Music

Vladimir Ussachevsky, pioneer in Electronic Music

When I went to this link, my heart jumped. He is still so dear to me.

I remember the first time I saw him. He was chasing a young lady (music studetn) down the stairs of the Music Department steps at the University of Utah, having something important to tell her. A voice in my head said, “You will know this man.”

I had signed up for his class, but I’d had no idea of what he looked like. When I asked a friend, “Who is that man?”

He said, “Oh that’s Professor Ussavchevsky.”

Later that afternoon, I was standing in line at the bank near Vladimir, and said, “I will be taking your class this semester.”

We spoke for a moment. He had such personal magnetism. Later, as I worked privately with him in the studio, I came to think of him as a giant Manchurian statue, so intense and passionate about his work.

He would fly to Utah and teach, then rush off to Boston to teach. He had a home with his wife, Betty Kray  on Rhode Island. Elizabeth Kray was hired in 1963 as the Academy of American Poets’ first executive director.

He was beloved by many of his students.

Another link for Vladimir.

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